The series of Rootpac® patterns comes from the programme for obtaining new Prunus rootstocks developed between 1996 and 2012. The search for these patterns focused on responding to the needs of a fruit sector in constant evolution and development towards the efficiency and intensification of plantations.


Objectives of the genetic improvement programme

  • Creation of dwarf varieties.
  • Adaptation to different types of soil.
  • Easy in-vitro multiplication to ensure an adequate production cost.
  • Reduction of the need for cold hours.
  • Achieve a high degree of compatibility with species and varieties.

The starting point was a germplasm bank of 268 clones and cultivars. 98 parentals were used, 427 directed crosses were carried out, approximately 85,700 pollinations were obtained in to obtain 343 offspring, of which 68 were studied, thanks to 98 field trials throughout 27 locations in Spain and 12 abroad. All the tests carried out have resulted in five commercial acquisitions of Rootpac® rootstocks: Rootpac®20, Rootpac®40, Rootpac®70, Rootpac®90 and Rootpac R®.

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